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PP Diaphragm Valve Screw End


Bill of Material
Sr.No. Part Qty. Material
1. Body 1 Polypropylene
2. Bonnet 1 Polypropylene
3. Hand Wheel 1 Polypropylene
4. Diaphragm 1 Diaphragm
5. Compressor 1 Aluminium / C.I.
6. Stem 1 M.S / S.S
7. Nut 1 M.S / S.S
8. Pin 1 M.S / S.S
9. Bolt,Nut,Washer 4 M.S / S.S
10. Diaphragm Stud 1 Brass
11. Cap 1 polypropylene
Technical Data
Valve Size Flange Diameter Length
Face to Face
Height Centre (H)
15(1/2") 96 122 82
20(3/4") 100 122 105
25 (1") 112 137 114
40 (1.1/2") 134 196 173
50 (2") 153 222 203
Special Features of Diaphragm Valve Screw End.
1. One piece rugged body haveing lower rifb connecting both Flanges makes the valve absolutely strong enough to withstand external and internal loads developed on a pipeline.
2. Latest inverted type Diaphragm remains unstressed while the valve is in closed condition. This plus point makes the life of Diaphragm double than the conventional old type Diaphragm available in market.
3. Deeper seat allows maximum flow through valve and gives excellent throutling charcteristics.
4. The perfectly matched seat and compressor gives bubble tight closer even in solurry applications, and with a single hand torque valve can be closed against 10 Kg/CM² pressure.
5. Available with Neoprene, Teflon coated or pure teflon Diaphragm.
6. Our Valves are Saunders 'A' Type available with flanged ends to BS Table 'D', 'E', ANSI-150 and DIN Std. Flange drillings in Screwed ends to BSP.
7. Every Assembled Diaphragm Valve undergoes functional and pressure testing of body and seat hydrotest of 3" upto 10 Kg before despatch.
8.Our Diaphragm valves are ideally suited to the handling of severely contaminated, aggressive and non-aggressive media. Application in Water Treatment (Ion-Exchanger), Desalination, Sew-age Treatment, Electroplating, Photography, Electronics, Chemical and Food Industries are just a few of the countless examples
9. Hydraulically Tested - Body & Seal at 10Kg. (165psi).
10. Flange Drilled to table D.BS - 10


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