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PP Union Assembly Screw And Plain End Ball Valve

P Union Assembly Screw and Plain End Ball Valve

Bill of Material
Sr.No. Part Qty. Material
1. Body 1 Polypropylene
2. Stem 1 Polypropylene with MS Insert
3. Ball 1 Polypropylene
4. Cover 1 Polypropylene
5. Seats 2 PTFE/HDPE
6. Screw end connector 1 Polypropylene
7. Cover Gasket 1 Neoprene or All type of Rubber
8. Stem "O" Ring Seal 1 Neoprene or All type of Rubber
9. Handle 1 P.P.
Technical Data
Construction Multi Piece Body
Design Union Assembly
Size Range 15,20,25,40,50,65 & 80 mm.
Max working temp. 80°C (Consistently)
Gasket/Stem Seal Neoprene
Test Pressure 10kg./cm²
Special Features of Union Assembly Screw/Plain End. (Prince Type)
1. Union Assembly ball valve is manufactured from polypropylene, a chemically inert thermoplastic.
2. Union Assembly ball valve is specially suited for Drip Irrigation System and Sugar Industries.
3. On line maintenance possible in this ball valve as all internals can be replaced without removing the valve from the pipe-line.
4. Union Assembly ball valve contains no metal parts, failure due to corrosion eliminated.Widely used by chemical industries.
5. Union Assembly ball valve possess excellent ultraviolet resistivity due to presence of carbon black.
6. Proper care taken for full strength and leakage proof manufacturing design.
7. Hydraulically tested at 10kg./cm².
8. Union Assembly Ball Valve is approved and used by many renowed drip Irrigation manufacturers.


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